Wusthof Classic Limited Edition 200th Anniversary 9 Inch Cook’s Knife

Celebrate 200 years of quality cutlery with this limited edition Classic 9 inch cook’s knife from Wusthof. Made with carbon steel and a beautiful rosewood handle, this knife has a full tang and three brass rivets to make it look stunning. Matching beauty with function, the blade features the unique PEtec or Precision edge technology that ensures the sharpest blade for years to come. This cook’s knife will slice through potatoes, carrots, and a slab of beef to make your famous pot roast or you can chop up a healthy fruit salad for an afternoon snack.

9″ L

Product Features

  • Carbon steel with rosewood handle
  • Features a full tang and 3 brass rivets
  • Blade made with PEtec to ensure sharpness
  • Multi-purpose knife cuts veggies, meat, and more
  • Hand wash

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