For generations, knife collectors have proudly displayed their “special” knives, the ones that mean the most to them, especially ‘limited-edition’ knives, where perhaps only a few hundred were ever made. Most of those knives will have a unique serial number etched on to the blade, and will be called ‘numbered’ knives, or ‘collectible knives.’ Most of these special knives will never be used, but will be displayed in cases, or hung on the wall to be admired. Knife manufacturers create many limited edition knives each year, makers such as Buck Knives, Spyderco, Browning, William Henry, Case and many more. Our site aims to put all these limited edition knives in one place, for the serious collector to peruse and buy. Enjoy your visit to LimitedEditionKnife.com and please browse through our SHOP, by clicking HERE! Contact us at Admin@LimitedEditionKnife.com



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