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  1. Pioneer- Soldier with a keyring The Pioneer is basically a Victorinox Soldier model, with the addition of a keyring. It provides the can opener/screwdriver, large flathead screwdriver/bottle opener/prybar, reamer, and large blade. The alox-handle knives like this one have stronger backsprings and thicker tools than the cellidor-handle models. The reamer is semi-sharpened and very effective. Nice sturdy, thin knife.

  2. A gem of simplicity I bought this knife to replace an older one that I “lost” at an airport security check (forgot to empty that pocket at home.)This one is an absolute gem, has a small variety of tools that are extremely useful and is not overloaded with “fun” stuff that just add to the weight and awkwardness. The metal is hard & sturdy enough that you can really do some prying without damaging the blades, the knife blade is sharp and will hopefully stay that way for a while (good metal), the can-opener works well, the shape of the small screwdriver lets you wriggle it into the smallest of openings to do the pry thing, and the blade remains un-nicked so continues to work well as a screwdriver afterward.Also, the handle is metal, not plastic, so I can carry it (for years?) in the same pocket with my keys, with no chipping or loosening of the side plates. A very good design! and I’m grateful that the Company continues to make such a useful piece, when they undoubtedly earn a lot more profit from the big, fancy, multi-mega-bladed tools – which may be good in a toolbox, but not in a pocket!

  3. Victorinox Pioneer I have carried a Pioneer for 35 years. It differs from the current model in two respects. The alox scales were anodized red and the cut liner is brass, not aluminum. Over the years the red has worn off except in the checkering grooves and where it is protected by the awl. The blade takes a good edge and holds it well. Maintenance with a few strokes on a professional steel is all it usually takes to keep it sharp enough to win the occasional bar bet. All of the tools have seen extensive use and show little wear save minor scuffing. Despite the years of use, the joints are tight. A little oil from time to time helps flush out any pocket grit which would cause excess wear.I can recommend wholeheartedly the Victorinox Pioneer, with the caveat that only years of use will tell if the current production knives are as good as those of the past.

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