Victorinox Swiss Army Men’s 241380 AirBoss Mach 3 Black Dial Watch

Made in Switzerland with precision Swiss analog quartz movement, 43 millimeters. Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment and stainless steel case with screw-in case back. Luminous hands, numerals and hour markers. Inverse chronograph function for optimal thumb operation. Chronograph 12 hour, 60-minute, 60 seconds and 1/10th of a second. Bi-directional rotating inner bezel with countdown scale. Date calendar, genuine leather strap. Water resistant to 100 meters (10 ATM, 330 feet).

Product Features

  • Stainless steel round case chronograph (minutes, hours, seconds)
  • Brown leather strap
  • Bidirectional rotating flange
  • Luminous hands and hour markers
  • Water-resistant to 330 feet (100 M)

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3 Replies to “Victorinox Swiss Army Men’s 241380 AirBoss Mach 3 Black Dial Watch”

  1. Built like a tank, easy to read and use I bought this watch from an authorized dealer (not on Amazon) to get the warrenty and service, and ensure I did not receive a replica or fake. I searched thousands of watches over the course of a year, and even traveled to Singapore and Indonesia, before settling on this one. I can’t afford to be a collector, but I bought this watch for the same reason I drive a Lexus: I like a combination useful features, classy looks, and unrivaled reliability. And I’m willing to pay a little more for such a product when I expect to get years of good use out of it.The new Airboss Mach 3 (released in the US November 2009) has been on my wrist for about a week. Initial impressions: It’s slightly bigger that in looked in web photos, and the face looks slightly more “busy”. I was looking at some 45mm case watches and I’m relieved this one is only 43mm. It works for me, but any bigger would be too big. In web photos, the tick marks on the dials aren’t nearly as striking and don’t stand out like they do in person. This is partially due to the anti-reflective coating on the front and back of the sapphire crystal, and partially due to the fact cameras simply don’t see things like our eyes. I’d suggest a hands-on evaluation before spending this much on a watch, but I didn’t have much choice because it’s extremely difficult to find in stores.My father and brother both wear Victorinox Swiss Army models from the Active and Classic lines. As tough and reliable as their watches are, I reason an Airboss from the Professional line should be even better. While the Airboss Mach 4 and Mach 6 models have automatic movements, the Mach 3 is Quartz, battery operated. This means you get Airboss quality and looks for less, you just have to change the battery every couple years.So you’re probably thinking “why’d this dude buy this watch after looking at thousands?” Well, I had a list of requirements (some of which changed during the course of my search) and the Mach 3 has some unique features I really like. What I wanted:1. Sapphire crystal (I was tired of my Swatch Irony’s acrylic crystal getting scratched and having to be buffed)2. Simple, easy to read face with arabic numerals (this cut out almost all Seikos)3. Steel band (I decided to try leather since I liked everything else about the Mach 3)4. $300 price range (had to save up twice as long to pay over twice this for the watch I really wanted)As I searched, I fell in love with pilot style watches. Not the Citizen Skyhawk type, but the military, WWII, Junkers type. Simple and elegant, but tough and highly legible. That combination of ruggedness and classy style just appeals to me. I also grew fond of inner rotating bezels (a ring with minutes or markings behind the crystal which can be turned by a knob on the case).This brings me to the most unique feature of the Mach 3. This inner, rotating bezel has minutes around it, but they are running BACKWARDS. Where most watches have “5”, the Mach 3 says “55” and counts down to 0 as it goes around. At first this struck me as odd, then I understood. Every watch with a chronograph tells you ELAPSED TIME, or how much time has passed since you pressed the start pusher. But this bezel is a “visual countdown timer”, meaning it tells you “TIME REMAINING”. So if your friend says “meet me in 45 minutes”, you position the 45 on the bezel at the tip of the minute hand. From now until the minute hand reaches 0 (upside-down triangle) it always points to how much time you have left. If you go out for a 1-hour lunch from work, position the triangle at your minute hand. You’ll always know how much lunch break is remaining at a glace. Cool huh? The Wenger Aerograph has an EXTERNAL rotating bezel with a visual countdown timer, but you sacrifice a sapphire crystal for a mineral crystal, and styling and quality is not up to the Airboss in my opinion.The other cool feature, which is still unique but not quite as rare, is the chronograph. The minute hand is on the main dial (instead of a tiny subdial like most chrono watches) which makes reading elapsed minutes MUCH easier! So two skinny chrono hands (seconds & minutes) and two thick hands (time hours and minutes) share the main dial, and do it well without interferring with each other. Also, most chrono watches have a small 30 or 60 minute dial. When the hour (or half hour) is up, it just starts over again. The Mach 3 has a slightly larger 12-hour dial, along with the regular 10th/sec dial. This means you can time an event for up to 12 hours at 10th-of-a-second resolution. Now that’s versatility!Another observation: the date has been placed at 10 o’clock instead of 3, 4 or 6 like most watches. I’m assuming this is because the visual countdown timer on the bezel means a 10 shows at the 10 o’clock position on the bezel, while the date takes it’s place on the face. This leaves more room for the 12-hour dial and gives…

  2. Awesome Watch! Eric’s review is extremely comprehensive and I agree with all points he stated.I uploaded some pictures of mine, and have few things I’d like to add:-I found the stock band to be kinda bleh, in both looks and quality. A few weeks of wear looked more like several months on some of my other bands. Plus, I think this watch looks WAY better on a black band. I’ve uploaded pics of mine that I put on a black Hirsch Liberty band. Using this strap, it doesn’t look too far off from the much more expensive Airboss Mach 8 Special Edition, which I drool after.-Kinda weird that nothing on the dial moves to indicate that the watch is working, but this also helps hide that it’s a quartz movement – not that quartz in itself is a bad thing – the stilted seconds hand just doesn’t have the appeal of a smooth auto sweep to some. Benefit to quartz of course is that you have one less watch to stress about constantly wearing to keep running. Cost of ownership is also way lower: one $10 battery change every few years versus cleanings for autos at less frequent intervals for more $$.-Chrono minute and seconds hands hit every marker spot on. When the seconds go from 59 over to 00, the minute hand clicks over precisely one minute. No question about what your time measurement reads.-I was worried that during chrono use, the 1/10th sec indicator would spin wildly at 60rpm and eat up battery life. Fortunately that’s not the case – the hand stays at zero and will swing over to the proper mark when the timer is stopped.-Chrono has split-time functionality.-Crown positions – first pull-out allows you to move just the hour hand, snapping over one hour at a time. This is also how you set the date, which makes it easy to figure out whether you’re on AM or PM. I wish all watches worked this way – day light savings adjustments are MUCH simplified in this manner. Negative to this is that you’ll have to rotate through a good number of crown turns every 2 months for date adjustments. Pulling out the crown to the second position, which exclusively sets the minutes, will be rarely done (only for battery changes and once every few months if you care to have the time set to the minute).-Lume is applied generously and even over the chrono dials (see uploaded picture). It’s even used on the Victorinox logo, which on this watch doubles as the 12o’clock marker. Unfortunately it’s not particularly bright, but unless I’m looking at dive watches, lume tends to be a secondary consideration.As mentioned by Eric, the inner-rotating countdown bezel is SUPER cool.. which leads me to my one complaint: the knob to turn this is the 3o’clock knob, which is easily turned by the back of my hand (wearing it on my left wrist). Throughout a day i see it getting offset by a few minutes, which might throw off a countdown. I wish they gave it slightly more resistance, or positioned it at 2o’clock, as they had in the Mach 8 SE.I also want to mention that every now and then a user might find the chrono hands to spontaneously misalign. Don’t send back a perfectly good watch! For this particular movement, pull the crown out and you can use the chrono buttons to recalibrate the positioning of each hand.I bought this watch without a clear idea of what made the difference between a $100 and a $500 watch. Now that I have this in my hands, there is no question that you get what you pay for. A happy owner here with no regrets.

  3. Air boss Mach 3 The Airboss mach 3 is a great watch. It is quite large with very easy to read dial. The leather band is very high quality, and is fairly thick and very robust. There is only one thing that I wasn’t really excited about, and that is a lack of a seconds hand for general time keeping. In it’s normal mode, when you look at the face, nothing moves. It was certainly different, however, particularly given the size of the dial, you don’t find yourself looking for a seconds hand. I would certainly recommend it to anyone after a large, aviation inspired watch with a Swiss movement. Excellent product, shipping to Australia was very prompt and the tracking details form DHL was outstanding. I will certainly be purchasing watches from Amazon in the future.

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