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  1. Problems with Victorinox watch I purchased this watch. At about 1 year after purchase one of the hands fell off, the case was in tact. I returned the watch to Victorinox on or about January 2 2011. I didn’t hear from them they didn’t return my phone calls. On about March 4 2011 they called saying that the repair was not covered under the warranty. Hard to believe as the hand had fallen off inside of the of the crystal covering which was always in tact. I gave them my credit card number and they charged my card $50. to repair.I have not received the watch yet I have called many times they never return phone calls. The last time when someone answered she told me at the beginning of April . I still have not gotten it back it is now April 17 I see on their customer online that they have not repaired it yet but that it is expected to be repaired on May 7.The hand falling off certainly was a defect the way they treat a customer regarding a defective watch is terrible. I should point out that they said that the company that sold me the watch on Amazon was not an authorized dealer and I didn’t have a normal warranty.

  2. The Best Watches! This is my 5th Victorinox Swiss Army watch. They make great products that are appealing and can withstand wear. This edition is great because it celebrates the Brand. I got this one because it is different than the others in that it has the olive dial and leather strap. Would make a great addition to any watch lovers collection. Very pleased in that it was here the next day and in perfect condition. Comes in a great collectors box with the outside box celebrating the 125th anniversary. A true classic timepiece!

  3. Hello, I received my Victorinox Swiss Army rapidly Men’s 241328 Infantry Vintage via UPS: August 12 ordered, received 16 and yet I live in Belgium. It is beautiful and I do not regret my purchase! Only regret: the box “Jubilee Edition” shown in photo 3 on the site was not provided. For the rest, watch wonderful: the best of my collection. Thank you. (French-English translation by Google)

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