Victorinox 2013 Charles Elsener Sr Ltd Ed Damascus Explorer Swiss Army Knife, 91 mm, Brown

The Charles Elsener Sr Limited Edition Damascus Explorer is the fourth knife in Victorinox’s highly successful Damascus series.

This special knife commemorates the passing of Charles Elsener, the Elsener family patriarch and grandson of Victorinox founder, Karl Elsener, in the summer 2013.

Functions & Features:
– Large Damascus blade
– Small blade
– Cork screw
– Can opener with small screwdriver
– Cap lifter with screwdriver and wire stripper
– Punch / reamer with eye
– Scissors
– Multi-purpose hook (parcel carrier)
– Phillips screwdriver
– Magnifying glass
– Key ring

Victorinox (The Original Swiss Army Knife)

Victorinox, based in the Schwyz region of Switzerland, is sole manufacturer of the world-famous Swiss Army Knife (SAK).

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