The Walking Dead Official Replica Sword

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Walking Dead Michonne’s Sword. **Does not include sword stand** 40 1/4\” overall. 27 7/8\” unsharpened tempered 1045 carbon steel blade. Full tang. Black rayskin handle with white synthetic leather wrap. Silver finish cast metal tsuba and pommel with Celtic style symbols. Brown leather wrapped wooden scabbard with white leather overwrap and adjustable brown leather shoulder strap. Certificate of Authenticity. Officially licensed product.




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2 Replies to “The Walking Dead Official Replica Sword”

  1. Awesome sword! As a collector of swords, and a fan of The Walking Dead, I couldn’t not get this sword(thankfully mine was $219). Even at the current $329 you get functional 1045 steel, full tang, wooden saya/scabbard and good quality simulated leather on the grip and the length of the saya/scabbard. The bang per buck is outstanding. Used to be a full tang katana with anything beyond stainless steel was $500 minimum. Real leather would have been nice, but no way it would be this cheap. I’ve had swords with low…

  2. Great Sword for a Replica The Walking Dead Offical Replica Swordby Walking Dead———-It should be noted that there are two versions of this sword. The first was limited to 2000 and is the sword by itself. The second, later version, is limited to 5000, comes with a stand, and is “signed” (engraved on the blade) with the word ‘Michonne’.I’m noting this difference, because there seems to be many sellers out there who have the incorrect description. The one I purchased had the…

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