The Standard Knife Collector’s Guide

This book lists literally hundreds of manufacturers of cutlery from all over the world. Old as well as new brands are included. The easy-to-use format allows the collector to become an expert in evaluating or appraising knives by using the RBR evaluation scales. There are overviews describing the histories of major knife companies, a section on commemoratives and limited editions, clubs and organizations, numbering systems, and a section on identifying knife patterns. The handle materials section contains full-color photographs showcasing the variety of handle materials used in the manufacture of knives. This book is a must for the experienced as well as the new knife collector. A thorough pricing update and an expansion in the RBR scales are highlights of this fifth edition. The Standard Knife Collector’s Guide is once again a cut above the rest!

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2 Replies to “The Standard Knife Collector’s Guide”

  1. Useful, but still disappointing The strong suit of this book is the section recounting the histories of dozens of knife manufacturers, as well as the six appendixes, which give detailed identification information and price guidance for Buck Creek, Case, Cattaraugus, Robeson, Remington, Taylor, and Winchester.

  2. Waste of money Other than proposing to be a knife price guide, this book has no information about knives, other than a very cursory overview, for someone who knows absolutely nothing about knives. The book fails miserably in its attempt to be an informative price guide. The concockted mathematical formula for determining a knife’s value is devoid of reality. In the case of certain brands, such as “Case” and “Cattaraugus”, the values are so far below real world values that the book is almost entertaining as a jest. Someone who wants to learn about knives and gain a feel for their values would best be served by getting a copy of Levine’s 4th Edition. I wish I had read my own review before I purchased this book.

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