Swiss Army Classic SD – Silver Color Alox – Limited Edition – 53065

Includes large blade nail file with screwdriver scissors and a key king ATTRIBUTES Blade Detail: Plain Blade Material: Stainless Steel Carry System: Key Ring Handle Material: Alox

Product Features

  • Alox Classic SD

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  1. Classic SD Ribbed ALOX As are ALL of the Victorinox Swiss Army Knives – This one is SUPERB quality.This is indeed a small knife. The 2.25″ knives are made in a variety of tool options, but the “CLASSIC”, with 3 basic tools Blade, File and Scissors. is far and away the most popular style made and sold by Victorinox.They are not toys, but precision instruments, well engineered, and, in fact, warranted for life.These are key chain knives. Most users will tell you they make use of their CLASSIC every day for several tasks. I can attest that I use mine probably 5-10 times daily for something.Note that the ALOX models, such as this one – are a bit thinner than the more common plastic sided Classic, and they do not include the popular TWEEZERS or TOOTHPICK. They are very light weight, and the ribbed Alox handles are most durable.You can’t go wrong with one of these. Insist on GENUINE VictorinoxIf you are in need of a larger knife, DON’T BUY a small knife and then say it’s too small. It’s not too small for what it’s intended to do. READ the description. It’s 2.25″ long! It’s not for chopping down trees.

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