Knife Collecting Strategies

Knife Collecting Strategies. Knife collecting is a serious hobby for some, and a simple pastime for others. Whether you are obsessed with completing your knife wish list, or you just want to purchase a limited edition knife whenever announcements about it comes out, it is better if you have a definite game plan to make your search more fun and meaningful.

Below are some tactics a knife collector could use to maximize his knife “hunting” experience:

Attend weapons and military shows. Attending events like these would help both an experienced knife collector and a newbie know more about knives in general, and their particular focus in particular. For example, if you want to know the history of a limited edition knife you are looking into acquiring in two months then a knife seminar may explain the history of this type of knife, as well as the process it takes to make one.

Knife shows also hold demos on the uses of different types of knives. A limited edition knife may take the spotlight by being able to cut through different materials, like a thick sailor’s rope and a thick hide of deer.

Subscribe to knife magazines. Blade and Knives Illustrated are examples of reading materials that contain a wealth of information on knives and knife collecting. A good knife magazine may feature that limited edition knife you have been eyeing for over a year, and include details on where to purchase one. It may also give recommendations on which knives to collect, as well as tips on how to store and maintain your collection.

Buy books about knives. Aside from magazines, you can invest on books about knives and knife collecting. An example of this is The Standard Knife Collector’s Guide, which lists different manufacturers of knives all around the globe, both the limited edition knife and the more regularly produced one. You can also look for books that discuss specific types of knives, such as Pocket-Knives by Bernard R. Levine, which focus on tips on how to best collect pocketknives.

Join a knife club. Yes, just as there are clubs for bakers and clubs for book lovers, there are also groups for knife collectors. Check knife magazines and other publications to find the local knife club in your area and the schedule of its meetings. You can also join national knife clubs such as the National Knife Collectors Association. Local knife clubs have a more close-knitted group, while national-level knife clubs will introduce you to collectors from different places.

Visit Internet knife forums. The Internet is a great place to learn more about knives and the art of knife collecting. Register in a knife forum and get to know other collectors from all over the world. These knife enthusiasts are usually looking for other people whom they could discuss different topics about cutlery-what brands they collect, where they purchase their knives, how they maintain their collection, among others. You can also come across traders whom you can negotiate with for your next knife purchase.

These are just some examples of strategies you could use to expand your knowledge about knife collecting. See what best suits your personality, and try other strategies as well. Before you know it, you would have become an expert in knife collecting, so much that it would be easy to acquire a limited edition knife whenever you want to.

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