Spyderco SP Endura Orange Damascus/Jig Bone Ora PlainEdge SPRINT RUN C10JBOP


* Length Overall: 8.75″ (222 mm)
* Length Closed: 4.88″ (124 mm)
* Hole Diameter: .53″ (13 mm)
* Blade Length: 3.86″ (98 mm)
* Cutting Edge: 3.44″ (87 mm)
* Blade Thickness: .118″ (3 mm)
* Blade Steel: VG-10 Damascus
* Weight: 5.2 oz. (147 g)
* Handle Material: Blue Jigged Bone

Product Features

  • • Blade features 31 layer Damascus
  • • VG-10 steel
  • • Orange jigged bone scales
  • • Stainless steel liners
  • • Includes protective zippered pouch

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3 Replies to “Spyderco SP Endura Orange Damascus/Jig Bone Ora PlainEdge SPRINT RUN C10JBOP”

  1. Dressed To Kill The Spyderco ‘Endura’ is one of the knife-makers’ most popular and respected models, and — along with the ‘Delica’ — is the flagship blade of the company’s Seki City, Japan factory. The Endura is also one of the oldest ‘tactical’ folders, dating back to 1990, when it was designed by Spyderco founder and knife-maker Sal Glesser. Along with Glesser’s ‘Police’ and ‘Military’, Ernest Emerson’s chisel-ground ‘CQC’ line of folders, Al Mar’s revolutionary ‘SERE 2000′ (as well as its’ predecessor,…

  2. Worth its weight in gold. I saw one of these at the Spyderco boutique in Golden, Co., and they are wicked expensive. Glad I found this one for a bargain price on Amazon, though I have to say, if I lost this baby, I would do what I had to in order to replace it. I would like it more if they had included a pocket clip. I suppose this Endura is considered more of a “gentleman’s carry”, so the designers left it out. The Endura is really too large to be without a clip, I feel; the Delica would be more…

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