Spyderco Native 5 Carbon Fiber 110V C41CF5 Sprint Run-Limited Edition 2014

The Native® 5 is the result of years of evolution and refinement of Spyderco’s popular Native® model. It expresses the time-tested size, shape, and ergonomics of the original Native design with the benefit of state-of-the-art materials and a highly refined back lock mechanism that represents the pinnacle of strength, precision, and ease of operation.

This limited-edition Sprint RunTM of the Native5 elevates this popular design to even higher levels of style and performance by incorporating a blade made from premium Crucible® CPM® S110V® stainless steel. As a powdered metallurgy steel, the component alloys of S110V are uniformly distributed throughout the steel to ensure an exceptionally fine carbide structure. The inclusion of both vanadium-rich and niobium-rich primary alloy carbides also gives this steel exceptional wear resistance and better corrosion resistance than 440C and many other stainless steels.

The handle of this unique Native5 features scales of peel-ply carbon fiber-an incredibly durable, lightweight material that is both visually stunning and provides a subtle texture to ensure a secure grip during use. This premium material is extremely practical and functional, but also adds a high degree of pride of ownership to this rare knife.

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