Spyderco Dodo Carbon Fiber Sprint Run C80CFP- Limited!

Eric Glesser is the designer of the original Dodo. The challenge in developing this CLIPIT was to create a small folder that feels and cuts like a much larger knife. To do that, the design needed to have exceptional handle ergonomics and a hard-use lock, and be made from high-quality materials. All these features were then paired with a small blade.

Short and squat, the Dodo’s blade focuses cutting power around an arcing belly which tapers to a finely-ground, downward curving tip. The tapered tip makes it ideal for detailed and fine cutting. The blade is 2.125″ (54mm) long and made of Crucible CPM S30V stainless steel that is paired with a large, obligingly grip-able, carbon fiber handle. Finger choils on the underside of the handle position your hand in an ergonomic solid stance, reaching from the handle’s tang to the tapered pommel. The result is a fistful of leverage that functions flawlessly in both a forward or reverse grip.

The Dodo has a Spyderco Ball Bearing LockTM. The Ball Bearing lock consists of a ceramic ball bearing that when the blade is opened, a spring-loaded plunger drives the ball bearing forward to wedge between a ramp on the blade and a steel “anvil” in the handle’s back spacer. Pulling the ball bearing back releases the lock and allows the blade to close smoothly while keeping your fingers safely away from the sharp edge. One of the strongest folding knife lock mechanisms ever invented, it is also one of the smoothest and easiest to operate.

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  1. Unique every day carry knife Like the Spyderco Poliwog, the Dodo is a love-it or hate-it kind of knife. The appearance is very organic and atypical of most knives. But the ergonomics provided by the design are outstanding. Using a conventional forward or saber grip, the knife fits the hand very comfortably, with excellent purchase and control. A reverse edge-out grip is not quite as comfortable or secure, but okay. Other grips are less effective due to the shape of the handle.A key feature of this knife is the…

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