Spyderco C29P Cricket SS Lockback Knife

Thin is in. We’ve made our long-favored Cricket model even thinner by integrating the handle and lock. Custom knifemaker Chris Reeve invented the idea of making a linerlock’s liner out of backside scale of the handle. In doing this, thickness and bulk are shaved off the handle for an ultra-thin folder that locks up confidently with fewer moving lock parts. We’ve incorporated this design into a rounded handle with a reverse “S” shaped blade. The distinctive blade shape curves into a keen precision tip for intricate/detailed cutting. Made of VG-10 stainless steel, the blade is hollow-ground and when folded closed creates a rounded package that rides nearly invisibly in the pocket. The pocket clip carries right-handed tip-down but also attaches to a tie or makes a fashionable money clip. Create your own one of a kind Cricket with engraving, corporate logos or a personal message.

Product Features

  • Right hand, tip-down clip.
  • Reeve Integral Lock (R.I.L.).
  • Stainless steel handle can be engraved or embellished.
  • Hollow-ground blade.
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2 Replies to “Spyderco C29P Cricket SS Lockback Knife”

  1. Excellent Everyday Carry I’m a bit of a knife fanatic with many small expensive folders including Benchmade, Strider, etc. but I recently lost a cricket and have never missed a knife more. It’s size, shape and weight make it perfect to drop in a coin pocket and forget about it until you need it. The blade shape and spyder hole makes it perfect for opening packages and a myriad of other everyday tasks. I’ve tried to find a different replacement knife but can’t find anything that works better. Can’t go wrong with this…

  2. excellent knife, but tip dulls too fast! I suppose that all knives dull too quickly for me, and this knife has outlasted my old victorinox blade (the “gold standard” 444 stainless steel) but sadly, the tip dulls rather quickly when used daily for everything from opening boxes to cutting apples. This knife has an excellent shape to use for home utility and picnic preparation. It is super easy to clean in the sink and doesn’t rust. I have large hands and although this is a very small knife, it is easy to grip in several different…

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