Puma 116375 5.9″ Blade White Hunter Fixed Knife, Stag

The PUMA White Seeker knife is handmade in Solingen, Germany, as well as has actually long set the requirement for the best searching blade. The PUMA White Hunter was developed in 1956 combined with the East African Professional Seeker's Organization to be the leading blade for big video game hunting. PUMA White Seeker's featured stag takes care of – which are made from the shed horns of Wild Stag – are formed through a precise manufacturing procedure and also make the knife a really special, unique device. The decrease factor blade is German-grade 1.4116 stainless steel for sharpness retention, toughness, as well as rust resistance. Cutter gauges 5.9" and total size is 10.6" and includes a leather sheath.

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