Miyabi Morimoto Edition 8-Inch Chef Knife

The Miyabi Morimoto 600S Edition by Zwilling J.A. Henckels is a true Japanese knife series that merges extreme sharpness with durability. Designed and approved by Iron Chef Morimoto and made in our own Japanese factory in Seki Japan. These knives combine sharpness, cutting edge retention, the highest flexibility and corrosion resistance. The 600 S Morimoto Edition merges authentic Japanese blades with Western style handle to create a truly unique line of cutlery.

Product Features

  • ZWILLING Special formula steel that provides high carbon and chromium for optimal hardness
  • FRIODUR Ice-hardened for enhanced hardness, flexibility and corrosion resistance
  • Authentic Japanese blade profiles that are finished with the three step traditional Japanese Honbazuka sharpening process
  • A unique, perfected knife that combines aesthetics, sharpness and durability
  • Made in Japan and designed in conjunction with Iron Chef Morimoto

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2 Replies to “Miyabi Morimoto Edition 8-Inch Chef Knife”

  1. a real bargain for the discerning chef I’ve been slowly acquiring my “final set” of cooking utensils and other various pieces of kitchen equipment. What I mean is that I’ve slowly been finding the tools I want to use in my kitchen in the long term. Gone are my cheap aluminum pans and bargain knife sets; they’ve been replaced by stainless cookware, with fancy names (all-clad) and with fancy gadgets (induction cooktop!).Of course, every true chef says that the most important tool is a good chef’s knife. And so, I began looking for an adequate chef’s knife to complement my new collection of kitchen paraphernalia. I held countless knives; I used them at stores to chop potatoes. I looked up ways to improve my knife technique to complement the new knife I was going to get. I read all about the never-ending debate between enthusiasts of forged knives vs. stamped knives. Finally, I saw and tried a chef’s knife made by global, and decided it felt right and the features were right (come on, they put sand in the handle to balance it! how COOL is that ?!). However, after seeing the price tag, I decided I would wait (honestly, I felt guilty about spending that much on a knife).One day, I saw this knife and because Morimoto is really a total BAMF, I decided I’d see what this knife was all about. Somehow, I stumbled on to a review of this knife by some engineer who really knew his stuff. This review was like 8 million pages long and full of jargon which I only half-understood, but I got enough to know that this knife would be perfect for me, and at this price, its a real steal!First, this knife is stamped (not forged, like wusthof classic knives), but with the state of technology today, I see this as a good thing. Basically, this knife is not forged (like forged knives) out of a single piece of metal; its made from many sheets of metal stamped together. The main difference in the result is that stamped knives are not as heavy as forged knives, but can achieve much sharper edges (like, global knives are sharpened to an edge of somewhere like 15 degrees, and this knife is a mere 10 degrees or something like that, don’t quote me though). Forged knives are prized for their weighty feel and traditionally hold their edges longer (though this may be due to the fact that forged knives can’t be sharpened quite as sharp as stamped knives). Basically, this entire debate boils down to the question of whether you want a classic, heavy german knife, or a new sharp japanese knife. Personally, I liked the light weight and surgical sharpness of this knife (yes, really, surgical, its really that sharp).Second, this knife is fantastic because it brings the best of both worlds. As mentioned in the very thorough review by the engineer, this knife comes from the factory very very sharp, unlike many other knives, which apparently aren’t maximally sharp when they’re actually made. Usually, this level of sharpness would mean that the knife would get dull very quickly, but this knife is actually quite resilient, and it is relatively easy to sharpen. Unlike other stamped knives, its easy to keep sharp, and it holds an edge really well. What really really made me like this knife, though, is that its a stamped knife, so its light and easy to wield, and very very sharp, but they’ve attached a bolster!. That little silver nubbin of metal attached to the blade is something thats characteristic of a forged knife and usually on present on forged knives, but I think its nice because it gives you something to hold on to. It also gives this knife a really sleek look.I’ve had this knife for a few months now and its been great! I treat it well and wash and dry it by hand when i’m done using it, and I haven’t seen any staining of the blade, and with only a few swipes of a sharpening steel, it feels as sharp as the day it arrived. I’m so happy I found this knife; its very unique, its really well made, and it saved me a ton of money.Lastly, whenever I’ve had people over, they’ve noticed me using my knife and when they ask what kind it is, they’re always intrigued and impressed. If you want to get a knife that’ll impress people, this is not a bad choice!

  2. love it!!!! I have had every knife available, by far this is the best! Cuts like everything is butter. Morimoto got this right for us cooks that aren’t professionals, but love to cook. Want more. Not many things impress me, but this does!

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