LAGUIOLE ebony wood handle knife with black grained leather case curved. Authentic Genuine collector’s knife (22cm opened). guaranteed hand-crafted in France, with a numbered certificate of authenticity Each model is unique.

Ebony handle collector’s knife black grained leather case, curved 8 mm thick per plate. ‘Shepherd’s cross’ inlay stamped on the handle Open length: 21.5 cm (12 cm closed) 90 gr Blade: 12C27 Swedish stainless steel, 3 mm thick at the butt Hardness: 56 Hr Plates and bolsters: solid stainless steel – 1.2 mm thick   AVAILABLE – On stock Laguiole quality :   Made the old, all our blades are fine millstone sharpened by a qualified cutler. The quality of the steel, the triangular grinding and the polishing will make it easier for you to keep your knives sharp and ensure that they continue to cut true. The springs and blades are put in a kiln heated to over 1,000°, before being rapidly cooled. Depending on the part (spring, blade, etc.) and its makeup (carbon steel, stainless steel), the tempering varies (temperature, oil / water / air, etc.).  The tempered parts (here the springs) are plunged into an oil bath in order to give them strength and flexibility. The blades are then ‘marbled/billées’, controlling the hardness expressed on the Rockwell scale (HRC). Our Swedish 12C27 Sandvik stainless steel blades have a hardness of 56 HRC. All our springs are forged and chased (‘guilloched’) with a file in a vice. They all have a blade-stop. All the bees are filed twice: before assembly and before the quality control stage. All our blades are very carefully ground and polished twice with buffalo hide by professionals: this guarantees outstanding quality and a fine cutting edge for you. The LAGUIOLE added extra: express after-sales service – secure delivery – numbered certificate of authenticity LAGUIOLE handmade guarantee, with certificate of authenticity LAGUIOLE Collection – Handmade – Handcrafted in Auvergne. These Laguiole knives, handcrafted by Fontenille Pataud, which has been producing them since the 1920s, are available to you in a wide range of prestigious, precious and elegant woods. These bespoke creations represent the result of meticulous work. We can also personaliz

Product Features

  • stainless steel flatware
  • premium cutlery
  • french flatware
  • french knives
  • with black grained leather case curved

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