Knowing Your Collectible Knives

For the longest time, collectible knives have created quite a sensation among hobbyists worldwide. This is because knives have played a vital part in the history of man. Since the early times, knives have been the companions of warriors through their victories and defeats. They have been associated with acts of heroism as well as acts of betrayal and intrigues. But what really draws people to knives is that unlike other collectible items, knives are handheld and are therefore, more personal.

Collectible Knives

An example of a sought-after collectible knife is the butterfly knife, also called a balisong. Originating from the Philippines, these folding pocket knives have rich tales of ancient lore associated with them. They have two handles which counter-rotate around the tang and there are grooves in the handle in which the blade is buried once it is folded. One of the reasons for the collectors’ fascination with the butterfly knife is that it requires learning a special flipping technique to wield it with style. Knife enthusiasts sometimes come together to show off their fanning skills with the balisong but you need not necessarily be an expert to own or use one.


Other pocket knives that are highly popular among collectors include vintage jack knives and automatic switchblade knives with their single-press button mechanism. The combat survival knife is a collectible knife famous among the more adventurous collectors. Examples of combat knives include daggers and trench knives which are particularly useful when venturing into unfamiliar terrain or even underwater. One of the best features of this collectible knife is that its blade has been made for durability and its handle has been designed for practicality. These blades have been constructed from the toughest steels available such as the D2 steel.

Another favorite collectible knife is the Bowie knife. No legendary action hero has ever been seen in a wilderness combat scene without his Bowie. As a hunting knife, it has also proven its usefulness in clearing thick forest vegetation and chopping wood. Bowie knives, however, are not just collected for their utility but also for their artistic designs. For example, a custom-made Bowie with multi-layered steel and intricate patterns can provide its owner with both strength and beauty.

Several models of fixed-blade knives are cherished by owners for their versatility. Fixed-blade knives with nimble features and comfortable contoured handles can be used anywhere from everyday chores to close-quarters combat. The tanto is another coveted collectible knife which is also considered as a Japanese short sword. Like the butterfly knife, one of its many charms is its significance in history as it is known to be used by samurais in combat and in harakiri. Its best feature is its cool austere design and its strong double-edged blade which is effective for both cutting and slashing.

Though the practical types of collectible knives have been made to withstand the test of time, knowing how to take proper care of your collection will help ensure that the blades will serve you long, whether in real combat or in the display case.

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