Knives 2012: The World’s Greatest Knife Book

In its 32nd Edition, Knives 2012 progresses with the knives, showcasing the increasing talent of the world’s best knifemakers who forge and grind curvaceous blades, fashion handles from the finest materials and practice embellishment techniques saved for only the most skilled artisans.

Featured articles:

  • Carving titanium handles
  • Making knife blades from Lake Superior beach sand
  • Hollywood movie knives and swords
  • Anglo-Saxon and Viking swords
  • AND…the finer points of Bob Loveless knives

Also Includes:

  • World’s most complete Directory of Custom Knifemakers includes websites, emails and phone numbers
  • Hot Trends in handmade knives
  • State Of The Art embellishments and knifemaking techniques
  • Historical overview of knives and their makers

Savor the hand-selected, splendid color photography of some of the most beautiful and original custom knives in the world, chosen from over 2,000 submissions. The ever-evolving, magical world of custom knives, knifemaking techniques and embellishments is captured in full, glorious color between the covers of the most coveted book on edged masterpieces– Knives 2012.

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3 Replies to “Knives 2012: The World’s Greatest Knife Book”

  1. Title is correct This is the world’s greatest knife book. Not only are there the wonderful styles and varieties of knives, but there are practical and educational aspects to it as well. I would have bought it just for the article “From Beach Sand to Blade”- the rest was just a bonus.

  2. Probably the best on the market This is my second addition of this book and it has all that I could ask for. I’ve made a few knives but my artistic ability is zero. With the great photo’s of what the great makers are doing I get a lot of ideas that I would have never figured out on my own. The DVD’s are great and only support what I’m trying to learn. It also helps that all the pro’s are listed in the back. I’ve contacted a few and they are all willing to answer my questions and help with even the simplest of questions. If you need ideas, contacts, supply sources or just like to see what others are doing, this is your book. I highly recommend it for anyone currently making knives or anyone interested in starting knife making for income or just as a hobby.

  3. cutting edge for sure!!! I have many books on knives but none better than this one. The photos are super and I spent way too much time just looking at the pictures and not getting any work done. Very, very nice book. Loved it!!!

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