The Hobby of Knife Collecting

The hobby of Knife collecting is a fun and exciting one that has been around for generations. A World War II veteran may pass down his rare knife collection to his boy, who in turn will pass them on to his son. A rare knife produced in the 1960s may appear in one of the displays of a collector who started the hobby only in the mid-2000s. Serious collectors from different walks of life may join a knife club or attend knife shows to gain more knowledge about limited edition knives and to meet other collectors.

There are different types of rare knife collectors out there. If you wish to make knife collecting a serious hobby, it will do well to know who they are. This will help you decide what kind of knife collector you want to be.

Keepsake Collectors

Keepsake collectors are second- or third-generation collectors. Most of them inherited their knives from a parent or grandparent. A rare knife from World War II is a good example of what you can find in this type of collection.

Keepsake collectors often concentrate on one or two kinds of knives, most of them based on the collections of the relative who bequeathed the knife collection to him. For example, a collector may choose to focus on acquiring Japanese katanas because of his grandfather’s fascination for them half a century ago.

Utility Knife Collectors

Unlike keepsake collectors who collect knives based on their sentimental value, utility knife collectors prefer use their collections in their day-to-day lives. This type of collection usually consists of bowie knives, fillet knives, and skinners that the collector could use during hunting and fishing trips. Knives with serrated blades and foldable handles are also regulars in this set.

A utility knife collector takes [careful consideration on how he could use his purchases in his daily activities. Of course, this does not mean he does not care about the appearance of the knives in his collection. Chances are, you will still find beautiful blades with delicately carved handles in a utility knife collector’s pack.

General Collectors

Of course, there are those who will add a rare knife to his collection, no matter what its history or use. General collectors are not very particular about the knife they collect. The knife could be a limited edition zombie-invasion machete a la The Walking Dead style, or a simple camp kitchen knife that is useful during barbeque cookouts and camping trips. What is more important to them is the quality of the blades, and the value of the knife in five to ten years’ time.

How to Choose Your Collection

Before you start, it will be helpful if you have a plan on what kind of knives you will focus on. Will you concentrate on purchasing limited edition blades like that rare knife your father gave to you for your thirteenth birthday? Or would you rather collect utility knives you can use everyday? Whatever you pick to focus on], make sure you have fun on your knife collecting endeavors, since enjoyment is an important reason for starting this hobby, after all.

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