Ken Onion Limited Edition 8-inch Handmade Damascus Chef’s Knife

Created as a collaboration between award-winning knife maker, Ken Onion and renowned Damascus steel creator, Chad Nichols. Each knife is unique, individually numbered, hand-signed by Ken Onion, and made entirely in the USA. The blade is constructed from Chad’s proprietary boomerang pattern stainless Damascus steel. The handle is made of stunning Arizona Iron Wood. Features a signature drop handle and control bump that allows you to use the knife smoothly and efficiently no matter how tall you are or which hand you cut with, while reducing forearm stress offering increased stability. Ken Onion, former US marine and world-renowned knife designer has altered the terrain of the knife industry for over 25 years through his innovative, patented designs. Rather than restricting chefs to work with traditional knife shapes, Ken was determined to make knives that work as an extension of the arm. His exhaustive study of each detail and every motion of cutting strokes resulted in the creation of inspired, innovative and ergonomically super kitchen blades that exceed the highest expectations. Chad Nichols has spent the last 10 years building a reputation as one of the premier stainless Damascus steel craftsman in the USA. What started as a hobby, grew into an endeavor to learn the best way to create stunning and specialized Damascus steel. Chad’s signature boomerang pattern stainless steel has been featured on the cover of every major knife magazine published in the USA.

Product Features

  • This knife is uniquely numbered out of a limited edition 200, hand-signed by Ken Onion
  • Signature drop handle and control bump allows to use the knife smoothly and efficiently
  • Blade is made from Chad’s proprietary boomerang pattern stainless Damascus steel
  • Handle is constructed of Arizona Iron Wood from a type of tree that only grows in the American Southwest
  • Includes certificate of authenticity and a beautiful walnut wood presentation case, perfect for gift giving; Made in USA, limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects; hand wash in hot water with a mild dish washing liquid

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