Joker CC29USA Remate Hunting Knife, 11-Inch

Joker Knives Remate Knife with Stainless Steel Cutter CC29USA has been created to be the ultimate in side retention innovation. The 440 stainless-steel blade on the Joker Knives Remate blade will certainly remain sharp and need much less honing than cutters used lower products. This Knife from Joker Knives includes an excellent quality natural leather sheath, so you will certainly never ever have to lack your knife. For an excellent way making sure you could slice via any reducing activity, decide on the Joker Knives Fixed Blade Remate Blade. Blade Product: S.S. 440, Cutter Size: 11.7 in, Overall Length: 11.96 in, Weight: 15.34 ounces, Sheath Material: Leather. Limited Lifetime Service warranty.

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