Hunting Versus Bowie Knives

Understanding the difference between hunting knives and bowie knives can be a little difficult. Part of this is because bowie knives ARE hunting knives, at least to some extent. However, you’ll find a much wider range of blade shapes in hunting knives that you will with bowies. What will you find? Is a hunting knife or a bowie the best choice for your needs? While only you can answer that question with any accuracy, you’ll find the information here helps a bit.

First, standard hunting knives tend to be designed for a single use. Take the skinning knife for example. These have long, slim, razor-sharp blades. They are powerful tools when used for their intended purpose (skinning animals). However, how do you think that blade would hold up if you tried to chop with it? What if you encountered a bone or tough sinews? Would the skinning knife be able to handle the increased pressure and abuse? Chances are the knife would not be suited for any purpose other than skinning.

The largest difference is that your bowie is a multiuse tool. It can be used for skinning or for gutting. Likewise, it can be used for chopping vegetables, wood or even slicing through meat or fruit. Bowie knives are far more versatile than general hunting knives. You will also find that most bowie knives are far larger than hunting knives. The average hunting knife is only five inches long, or less. A bowie, on the other hand, is usually no shorter than six inches in length, though they can surpass twelve inches in many cases. So size is certainly one of the differentiating factors.

You’ll also find that bowie knives have very different shapes than other hunting knives. While all bowies share the clipped point design (you’ll find this on some hunting knives, too), you will also find a few other features. Some bowie knives have a Spanish Notch on the blade that can be useful when hunting or camping. Some knives also have saw-teeth on the blade’s spine, though some users find these cumbersome, annoying and even dangerous in some circumstances.

Choosing to purchase a bowie knife over a hunting knife is an excellent decision. This will ensure that you are able to use your knife in almost any situation and that you will not suffer the limitations brought on by a single-use type of knife.

Dylan Sabot is the owner of an online bowie knives store.

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