Hardcore Hardware Australia MFK03-GVA Valkyrja Arms Tactical Fighting Survival Knife Limited Edition of 50

The MFK03-GVA is a compact, high speed, drop point field knife with attitude. Incorporating a chamfered 6mm, full tang blade thickness, the MFK03-GVA is designed to perform demanding or intricate cutting chores and boasts extraordinary penetration power for its size.

Machined and expertly tempered from high quality D2 tool steel, the entire tool is protected with a durable, low-vis Teflon coating.

It also features an extended glass break, hammer combo pommel with lanyard point. Nonslip, ergonomic, G10 handle scales offer a positive and comfortable grip. These are secured with Torx screw all steel fittings.

This is a special Valkyrja Arms edition of the Hardcore Hardware MFK03-G, limited to a run of 50.

“Dull Knife Terminator” – Your Exclusive USA Distributor for HHA!

Free shipping to US customers!

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