Good Quality Hunting Knives

Good quality hunting knives are very important if you wish to make the most out of your hunting trip. Few things are worse than catching your game, and then being unable to properly clean and fillet them because of a dull or rusty knife.

Knowing which hunting knife to use is also a vital skill a serious hunter or fisherman should know. Using the wrong type of knife could end up ruining the game or the blade of your cutlery. For example, using a breasting knife to desiccate a thick hide of deer could spell disaster.

Below is a list of good quality hunting knives you could invest in:

1. Game skinner knives. Hunters who need to clean and prepare their game after hunting usually use skinners to assist them with the task. These knives have gut hooks that prevent the hunter from ruining the meat of the animal via paunching. Skinner knives properly taken maintained could easily separate the flesh from the skin of big game animals like deer and large birds.

2. Breasting/Boning knives. A collection of good quality hunting knives is incomplete without the breasting or boning knife. This type of hunting knife is mainly used for breasting and deboning ducks and geese. Breasting knives have a thinner blade and point to make it easier to separate the breastbone with the meat. It can also be used to fillet chicken, fish, and other soft meats.

3. Serrated fillet knives. Good quality hunting knives should include serrated blades, ideal for cutting and filleting large fishes. An ideal fillet knife should be able to cut through scales, skin, and flesh of even the toughest-skinned fish. It should also have a handle with a good grip, especially since handling fish could be messy and slippery.

4. Pocket saws. Unlike ordinary pocketknives, a pocket saw has a serrated blade perfect for slicing up thick layers and bones of small and large animals, as well as tree branches you could use as walking sticks or firewood during hunting trips. A pocket saw is convenient to carry since it is small, foldable, and easy to clean.

5. Bait knives. For fishing aficionados, a bait knife is a vital tool. Aside from preparing bait, this knife is also used in other boat side preparations, like cutting small cords of twine. A good bait knife should have a serrated upper blade and a handle with a good grip.

6. Shellfish/Oyster knives. You need a special kind of tool for opening oysters and other shellfish. Oyster knives are different from other fishing and hunting knives because of its bent tip, used to pry open the lips of shellfishes.

A collection of good quality hunting knives also includes multipurpose tools like pliers and scissors, as well as small axes and entrenching tools like mini shovels. Flashlights are also important, especially if you plan to spend the night outdoors.

Before going to a hunting or fishing trip, make sure you have all the necessary tools and equipment. This will help you focus on your game, without having to worry how to clean and prepare them afterward

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