Gerber 31-000440 Limited Edition Stag and Burl Knife Set

Product Features

  • Fixed blade knife has genuine stag and burl wood handles with filigree bolsters
  • Fixed blade has a 3″ fine edge blade, nylon sheath and comes with embossed gift tin
  • Lockback knife has genuine stag and burl wood handles with filigree bolsters
  • Lock back has 2-1/2″ fine edge blade and nail nick

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3 Replies to “Gerber 31-000440 Limited Edition Stag and Burl Knife Set”

  1. Great deal on 2 great knives I had previously purchased a Gerber lock blade exactly like the one that comes in this set by itself six months ago. When I saw this set for virtually the same price for two knives I had to have it. As soon as I got this set I almost went back and got another one! The handles are a very nice design and look great. The set comes with a sheath for the fix blade knife that is not shown. I almost threw it away. It is hidden under the foam that comes with the tin.

  2. Not as pretty as the picture The folding knife is as good as any other folder you might buy from Gerber. The fixed blade is also of quality make. As a gift set it leaves much to be desired. Not as nice as the picture makes them out to be. I would be ashamed to hand somebody this as a gift set. Both blades are of standard Gerger quality, which is good, my issues are purely aesthetic in nature. I enjoy rustic looking knives and this set looks appealing in the photo- in reality they are very lackluster. IMO there are better choices for the same cost.

  3. Great Price, Awesome Gift. Let me say first that the price on this deal is amazing. You will not find 2 knives with these features for a better deal.I bought these knives for my girlfriend, who observed my practice of always carrying a pocketknife, and thought it was a good idea. She asked me to select a knife for her, so I went one further and got her two! It was hard to pass up this set! I’ll try to give you some more info because they don’t give much on this page. I’ll try to keep it organized.The Blade: Nowhere does it say the steel used in this knife. I looked up some specs on other Gerbers and examined the blade. As far as I can tell, it’s most likely 440 stainless steel, probably 440A, like the Gerber Stockman. Not the greatest steel on earth, but still plenty good to get the job done, and handle the tasks you would use a small pocketknife or fixed blade for. The blade comes fairly sharp, not as sharp as it could be, but good enough to start using it right out of the box, which I appreciate. Both blades come with the Gerber logo on them, small enough where I wasn’t bothered by them being there.The Pivot and Lock (folding blade): I did have complaints with this part of the knife. The pivot wasn’t very smooth. You could even hear a little bit of crackling when you opened and closed the knife, I think it’s a little dirty in there. They could do with a bit more oiling before Gerber ships them out. The blade lock, however, is far from flimsy. In fact, the lock is a little difficult to push. Its hard to squeeze it enough to unlock the blade. But with both these problems, I’m sure over time they will lessen. A bit of breaking in, and the lock and pivot should perform better.The Handle: I can say this; DO NOT get this set for someone who has big hands. I have big hands, and these handles are tiny! Even someone with medium sized hands might have complaints. However my girlfriend is on the smaller side of medium, so they work fine for her. The handles are FANTASTIC, with only a few complaints. The laser engraving is a bit dull in the light. In some light you can barely see it, however, a lot of laser engraving on knives is like that. My other complaint is that the points where the different materials meet can be a little sloppy, with the edges not matching up just right. But the handle is still really pretty, with wood and stag and a shiny metal, and I’m sure that anyone would love the look of these knives, especially someone who likes some classic styling.The Packaging: The tin included is very nice, and both knives are well protected in the foam, with a small plastic cover on the tips of each knife. I thought that it was very smart of gerber to protect the tips. The tin is a great way to present the knives, and a good place for storage, too.The Sheath: The only terrible part of this set. Awful sheath for the fixed blade. Even more awful to get it out! The sheath is on the bottom of the foam, and you have to take out the foam to get to it. The foam is packed so tightly and thick it’s a pain. I had to use the nail file on my Swiss Army Knife to even pry it up. It took forever to do and the effort slightly bent the tin! The sheath is some plastic covered in nylon with a belt loop on the back. I doubt the belt loop is even big enough for most belts. Even if it was, I wouldn’t carry that knife on my belt with it. The knife doesn’t FIT into the sheath, it just SITS in it. I mean really, even hiking a trail with some bumps in this road would probably make the knife fall out. It completely does not fit the quality of the knife that it’s holding, but I guess that’s the sheath that paying 20 bucks for 2 knives gets you.Overall, a great buy. Maybe not the best set for someone who needs a top quality knife, but for the average person or someone who is just getting into knives, a fantastic option. If I knew now what I knew then, I would still have bought this set. Beautiful knives, capable blade, and what’s most important; the recipient sure did love the gift!

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