Columbia River Knife and Tool (CRKT) 5260 Columbia River Knife and Tool’s Buy Tighe 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Dual Blade Razor Edge Knife

A safe queen to overthrow all others. The Buy Tighe is a collector’s grail knife designed by Brian Tighe. This dual bladed knife seeks attention, then demands respect. It screams innovation, then surpasses all imagination. Two different satin blades deploy smoothly with separate spine flippers and are ground from premium 154CM steel. The titanium handles of the Buy Tighe are precisely machined, then coated with a silky blue ti-nitride, and finally ground to a high satin finish– the end result being a two toned handle that draws in the eye. The innovative Klecker Lock is subtlety integrated (twice!) into the spine of the handle. Ornamental flourishes adorn the pivot screws, with other subtle and obvious details that make every hundred thousandth of this knife a joy to study and caress. The Buy Tighe won the award for most innovative custom knife at the Blade Show and it will certainly win the award for most time getting polished, examined and treasured. CRKT is proud to offer the Buy Tighe as our 20th Anniversary commemoration knife. Get 1 of only 500 made of this once in a lifetime design.

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