Colt® Limited Edition Freedom Bowie Dagger Hunting Knife with Display Case CT-0107WGNB

Model UCCT0107: Colt Freedom Bowie Limited Edition by Jim B. – Only 500 EXTREMELY RARE !!! Celebrating 2 of the original “keys” to freedom in America! Colt ® Limited Edition Freedom Bowie Knife, etched, with real gold accents, rare edition of only 500 , EVER! In the 1800s in our nation, a stout Bowie Knife and a Colt ® firearm, along with your adventuring spirit, were the “keys” opening the door to the frontier. Since 1837, Samuel Colt and his exceptionally engineered guns helped shape the history of “the Land of the Free.” This beautifully American-crafted Knife, a serial numbered limited edition of 500, in a premium display case, is a proud symbol of the Colt ® tradition. !!! Limited Quantities !!! Colt ® Limited Edition Freedom Bowie Knife with Display Case

Product Features

  • • Mirror-polished 10″, 1 / 4 ” thick 440 stainless steel blade. Huge 15″ long overall, a big ‘un worthy of old Jim B. himself
  • • Certificate of Authenticity — EXTREMELY RARE !!!
  • • Blade features elaborate etching with genuine gold plating • Solid walnut handle with inlaid stainless steel shield
  • • Limited Edition by Jim B. – Only 500 • Individual serial number engraved on guard
  • • Nickel silver guard, pommel and frame • Wood display box, with glass top, is 18 1 / 8 x 6 3 / 8 x 2 1 / 2 “

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