Buck Ranger Skinner Hunting Knife

Originally created as a limited edition model, the 113 Ranger Skinner is a stylish and performance oriented combination of Buck?s famous Ranger and the classic Buck Vanguard . Streamlined to be smaller, yet designed to be effective, this knife will get any job done in the field. The classic look, ergonomic handle and ease-of-use design guarantee that you will come to rely upon it. This design fills the need for a sturdy, compact knife with a versatile skinning blade.

Product Features

  • Blade Length: 3 1/8″ (7.9 cm)
  • Carry System: Black leather sheath
  • Handle Material: Macassar Ebony Dymondwood
  • Weight: 5.2 oz. (148 g)

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3 Replies to “Buck Ranger Skinner Hunting Knife”

  1. A Winner! I first saw this knife at the Blade 2011 show in Atlanta. Buck had a pre-production sample on display. I immediately fell in love with it and offered to buy the example at the show. The Buck factory rep chuckled and said “You’d have to get in line.” As soon as I saw it for sale on Amazon I bought one.The visual design, with the wood handles and brass guard, is strongly reminiscent of the classic Buck 110 folding hunter. The blade has a very good profile and is well ground and carries a good edge. My only visual complaint is that the lanyard hole is an unreinforced hole drilled through both handle slabs. The knife would have better visual balance (particularly with the large brass guard) if they re-positioned the handle pins and used a brass liner for the lanyard hole. The handle is a bit small – it could use another 1/4″ of length, but that is a minor gripe.The sheath is good – it is a simple leather pouch style produced in Mexico.Overall I really like this knife. It meshes well into the classic line of Buck knives. I think they have a winner here!

  2. good design excellant product. Many years of hunting and using many different knives.I have owned and used Buck knives for years and have never been dissapointed. This knife is one of they’re best. The drop point design is perfect. After field dressing a deer and a wild boar the knife was as sharp as new.One of my favorites. Field dressing a wild boar will test any knife.Hope Buck keeps this knife in they’re line-up. A great gift idea.

  3. Instant Classic Where else can you find a knife of this quality, made in the USA, for under $50, except from Buck? Full tang construction, versatile blade shape, razor sharp 420HC right out of the package, and thick quality leather sheath. And an instantly recognizable sibling of the 110. ‘Nuff said.

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