Bad Monkey Tumbled Satin Flat Grind Drop Point Serrated Folding Knife

This Bad Monkey folding knife (pocket) is a high quality every day carry knife with a 4″ drop point serrated blade made from 14C-28N steel. This is a well designed and constructed every day carry knife backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Construction is solid with an eye towards simplicity and durability. The exterior scales are made from a twill-weave textured carbon fiber.The knife has a small pocket clip on the handle as well as an Emerson Wave along the spine for fast deployment. The blade is sharp out of the box and swings out smoothly from the handle. The liner lock keeps the blade secure. A pocket knife is one of the most important tools anyone can carry. From cutting a fishing line to saving someone trapped in a seat belt, self defense and everything in between, a good pocket knife is a mans best friend. What differentiates Southern Grind knives is that Zac Brown created the company to be representative of what he believes knives should be – ruggedly dependable and highly functional, born from state of the art technology and quality that is second to none. As a true knife enthusiast, Zac has always been interested in blade design and production. There’s not a single product that leaves the warehouse until it meets the high standards set forth by the man in charge. The result is an ever-growing line of products that all knife enthusiasts would proudly wield, Zac included. But the mission of Southern Grind goes way beyond being on the edge of metalworking. Giving back to the community is of the utmost importance to Zac and everyone in the Southern Ground family. It’s one of the main principles on which our business was founded. That’s why the efforts of Southern Grind, and all other Southern Ground properties, benefit the development of Zac’s passion project: Camp Southern Ground.

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  1. I have the hollow grind and like the sharpness of the blade. Planning on getting a flat grind next time because they are suited for a bit more heavy use. Honestly, you need a micrometer to really tell the difference. Either way hollow grind or flat grind these are great knives. Recommend getting the tool kit to go with this knife. Solid and dependable. I expect to be giving this heavy use for many years. This is a durable product made out of great materials. Southern Grind does a great job…

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