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Not only that, but everything to do with knives, hunting knives, limited edition knives and all sorts of knives, from kitchen cutlery to collectible swords as well.

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More thoughts on collecting knives
Collecting limited edition knives can also be a profitable enterprise. Collectible knives often rise in value over time, particularly knife sets. Look through knife forums, through knives and swords for sale on ebay, Amazon or Craigslist, compare prices, research past values, and try for a profitable sale, as a way of making money through your knife collections. We here, at LimitedEditionKnife.com, are often asked ‘What’s the world’s most valuable knife?’ We are researching the biggest prices ever paid at auctions. Watch this space!

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Entrek Knives
Esee Knives
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Fallkniven Knives
Fox Knives
Frost Knives
Fury Knives
Gerber Knives
Gil Hibben Knives
Global Knives
Green River Knives
Havalon Knives
Helle Knives
Hen Rooster Knives
Henckel Knives
Imperial Knives
ISAK Knives
Jeep Knives
John Deere Knives
Ka Bar Knives
Ken Onion Knives
Kershaw Knives
Kissing Crane Knives
Kiwi Knives
Klein Knives
Komachi Knives
Kramer Knives
Laguiole Knives
Leatherman Knives
Lone Wolf Knives
Loveless Knives
M Tech Knives
Marbles Knives
Marttiini Knives
Maxam Knives
Mercer Knives
Miyabi Knives
Mora Knives
Mossberg Knives
Mtech Knives
Muela Knives
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Northwoods Knives
Obsidian Knives
Old Hickory Knives
Old Timer Knives
Ontario Knives
Opinel Knives
Parker Knives
Protech Knives
Puma Knives
Queen Knives
Rada Knives
Randall Knives
Rapala Knives
Rat Knives
Remington Knives
Ridge Runner Knives
Rostfrei Knives
Rough Ryder Knives
Ruko Knives
Sabatier Knives
Schrade Knives
Sheffield Knives
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Sog Knives
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Zero Tolerance Knives

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